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“Captivating Human Experience”

The Products, Insights, and Technology solutions company.


Our logo sums it up; the service, the core, and the image.

The “P” with its neutralized green reflects the tranquility, eagerness, hope, and growth. It dictates our understanding and experience across diverse products and services that shape and influence our everyday life.

The “i” in black. The hero of the business. The consumer. “I” stands for insights, ideas, and the human intelligence. The human intelligence to create breakthrough content in captivating the interest of our evolving consumer.

The “T” in royal purple. The technology that changed the habit, behaviour, and attitude of our hero. The innovations needed to captivate, measure, assess, and reinforce our communication effectiveness.

PIT Core

Yes, the consumer is in the foreground. We believe that focusing on the human experience as a starting point is bound to derive business results for our clients.

We are an integrated business consultancy, marketing communication, and media agency founded by Nevine El Kadi and Ahmed Dafrawy.

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